Warehouse Liquidation

Whether you are closing a location, moving to another facility, or just upgrading your existing system WL Installers can assist you with any of this. We are experienced with all the phases of liquidating and moving materials.

If you are closing a location we can tear down the system in the warehouse and return the site to the condition you require. Along with taking down the materials, we can offer a fair price to purchase the materials or dispose of them for you.

If you are moving to another location and reusing some materials we can take the existing system down, stack and band the materials properly, and load on a truck to be delivered to the new facility. Any materials or equipment that you would like to sell we can make a fair offer to purchase them.

If your current system is out of date or your company has outgrown it we can take down the existing system. Offer to purchase any materials or equipment and then install the new system.