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WLI Email on Android

This article contains the steps to set up your WL Installers Email account on an Android device using an Exchange/ActiveSync connection.

From your Android home screen, select the Email/My Accounts icon found under Settings:

Click Add New Account

Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync as the account type (or Corporate Email).


Click ‘Manual Setup’

Enter your WL Installers email account settings:

  • Email Address: your full WL Installers email address
  • Server Address: 
  • Domain: leave blank (or \
  • Username: WL Installers email address
  • Password: WL Installers account password

Check ‘This server requires an SSL connection’

Click ‘Next’.
Select the data you want to sync (Mail, Contacts, and Calendar).
Click ‘Finish Setup’.



Additional info: Some Android devices require that you must 1st navigate to the web client using your phone’s web broswer and accept the security certificate at before setting up your account.

Congratulations! You have successfully authenticated your zMailCloud account on your Android device.

WLI Email on a Samsung

Here is an example slide show from my own Samsung device…