Used Material Inventory

W. L. Installers liquidates many warehouses throughout the country. By doing this we are able to sell our customers quality used material handling products at a very good price. We have 3 warehouses with an assortment of used materials to choose from. Miami, FL. Charlotte, NC and Atlanta,


168 x 64768in TDOrangeEX
156 x 5148in TDOrangeEX
150 x 52216in TDOrangeEX
145 x 5256in TDOrangeGood
144 x 3.51874in TDRedGood
138 x 4.52956in TDRedGood
120 x 5186in TDRedGood
120 x 41356in TDOrangeEX
120 x 312324in TDRedEX
117 x 476in TDOrangeGood
108 x 4126in TDRedGood
102 x 442126in TDRedEX
102 x 311064in TDRedEX
96 x 41996in TDOrangeGood
96 x 4126in TDGreyFair
96 x 3.536in TDWhiteFair
90 x 4406in TDRedGood
84 x 4806in TDRedGood
84 x 316in TDRedFair
82 x 4376in TDYellowFair
82 x 4536in TDOrangeFair
80 x 4206in TDRedFair
80 x 32836in TDGreenFair
80 x 2.75346in TDOrangeFair
80 x 2.5204in TDOrangeGood
78 x 423336in TDOrangeEX
78 x 34456in TDRedFair
72 x 5.5356in TDRedFair
72 x 496in TDRedEX
60 x 33366in TDOrangeGood
48 x 4726in TDOrangeEX
48 x 4646in TDRedFair
48 x 33886in TDOrangeFair
162 x 52048in ?OrangeFair
144 x 5.588in ?GreyFair
144 x 5.51988in KeystoneYellowFair

Wire Decks

60 x 58226Fair
60 x 52491Good
60 x 461160Good
48 x 38119Good
36 x 5840Fair
36 x 54160Fair
36 x 4680Fair
36 x 3854Fair
32 x 581144Good
32 x 52240Good
32 x 481250Good
32 x 46440Good
32 x 42120Good
30 x 52120Fair
30 x 4440Good
30 x 38844Good
26 x 52160Fair


23ft x 32in180SR, TGreenGood
21ft 8in x 32in15Open, 3x3GreenGoodSteel King
20ft 9 in x 30in6Open, 3x3GreenGood
20ft x 60in44Open 2.5x3GreenGood
20ft x 32in174SR, TGreenGood
20ft x 32in32Open 2.5x3GreenGood
20ft x 30in17Open 3x3GreenGood
19ft x 30in11Open, 3x3GreenGood
18ft 11in x 30in6Open, 3x3GreenGood
18ft x 60in30Open, 3x3GreenGood
18ft x 36in44Open, 2x3GreenGood
18ft x 36in13Closed 2.5x3BlueGood
17ft 2in x 26in9Open, 3x3GreenGood
16ft x 48in91Open, 3x3GreenGood
16ft x 36in73Open, 3x3GreenGood
16ft x 24in46Open, 3x3GreenGood
15ft x 34in15Open, 3x3GreenGood
14ft x 36in14Open, 3x3GreenGood
10ft x 44in6Open 1.75x3GreenFair
16ft x 36in39KeystoneGreyGood
12ft x 36in6KeystoneGreyGood